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February 26, 2017
Rev. Bob considers the challenging words of Jesus on respecting tradition and openness to change.

Give and Take of Love

February 12, 2017
Valentine's Day Theme

Extra Miles

February 12, 2017
Rev. Bob uplifts the challenging and inspiring Biblical story of “going the extra mile”!  This “extra mile” thinking is constitutive of a flourishing society.

Excuses, Excuses

February 5, 2017
Rev. Bob goes back to the book of Exodus, and finds a continuing human response; Excuses!  The excuse maker is none other than the great leader of the Hebrews: Moses!


January 22, 2017
Rev. Bob finds in the opening of the “Sermon on the Mount” narrative in Matthew’s Gospel, the way to finding happiness.
Rev. Bob considers the Genesis account of creation in its constructing a way to interpret life and a wonderful way to live our lives

Following Your Star

January 8, 2017
Rev. Bob reflects on how we humans are stargazers, and how we each need to find a star, a way to live. The Magi followed and found their star.
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