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Welcome to the First Presbyterian Church of Wilkes-Barre!

We are a congregation of families and individuals; men, women and children from many denominational, social and cultural backgrounds. We gather together for spiritual comfort, challenge and direction!

The Gospel of Christ is proclaimed through sharing the Bible’s wisdom and hope via challenging and inspirational sermons, multiple musical expressions including an Adult Choir, Children’s Choir and Youth Choir, Sunday School from Children to Adults, numerous fellowship occasions which include delicious and fun luncheons. Living and learning the Gospel, takes precedence over dogma. Inclusion, acceptance and imagination are vital parts of our vision of God’s kingdom.

Seekers are welcome! Bring your questions and we will talk and pray together. Families are welcome. Your children need a sacred place to develop their spirituality, and their moral compass. Mother and father, you need a community to worship with, and to share faith and life concerns. All are welcome! The Lord’s Supper is open to all. No one is excluded!

Our beginnings in the Wyoming Valley trace back to 1772. We have a rich tradition in sharing Christ’s Gospel in both word and deed. Involvement in the wider community continues to interpret who we are as a church. Ecumenical and interfaith activities help to define our vision. The integrity of other traditions is accepted and celebrated.

We are fortunate to have Mr. John Vaida, Music Director of Wyoming Seminary, as our Organist/Choir Director.  Through his leadership, with the Adult Choir, Youth Choir, and Children’s Choir, our worship services are greatly enhanced.  Ms. Pam Kerns, our Christian Education/Program Director participates in the lives of our children and youth through numerous gatherings; from Kids’ Club to weekly Youth Groups.  Our Sunday School offers learning opportunities from pre-school through adult.

If you are looking for an active church that believes in engaging one’s mind as well as one’s heart; in finding one’s place, without denigrating other faiths; in teaching Christ’s ways through study and example; and in including all of God’s children – then visit us on Sunday mornings at 10:00 a.m. You may just find that First Presbyterian Church could be your spiritual home.

In God’s Love,

Rev. Dr. Bob Zanicky



Our Sunday Service starts at 10:00am and is followed by Fellowship time.


are offered from 11:00am to noon, September through May.


is offered following the Children’s Portion during worship. For those families who wish, the children are guided to the Children’s Chapel.


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Midweek Meditations



97 South Franklin Street
Wilkes-Barre, PA 18701

The First Presbyterian Church is located across the street from the YMCA on South Franklin and Northampton Streets in Wilkes-Barre. Metered parking is available during the week on Franklin Street. On Sunday’s there is no fee for parking on the street and in the adjacent municipal parking lot which can be entered on Northampton Street.

From the 309 Cross Valley Expressway

Take exit 3 and head south on River Street. Once past the Courthouse move into the left lane and continue to Northampton Street, make the left turn and the church is on your left at the corner of Northampton and Franklin Streets.

From South River Street

If heading north turn right onto Northampton, or if heading south left onto Northampton. Drive one block and the church will be on your left at the corner of Northampton and Franklin Streets.

“And the Lord added to their numbers day by day…”

(Acts 2:47)

Join Us

We are a friendly, inclusive and welcoming church! We not only have a great history (1772), we also have a wondrous present and future! We would love to have you journey with us in our faith and lives!
Please contact the church office, and the Reverend Dr. Bob Zanicky will joyfully share with you the process to become a member of our beloved church. Of course, you are welcome to worship with us and participate in our programs without being a formal member!

Our History

A Brief History of Our Church

The First Presbyterian Church of Wilkes-Barre has its roots in the Christian lives of members of the Connecticut Susquehanna Company. The company claimed land in Northeastern Pennsylvania, disputed land because it had also been granted to William Penn by Charles II of England. The conflicting claims of Connecticut and Pennsylvania were ultimately resolved, but only after warfare and adjudication, giving Pennsylvania the land and recognizing the personal property of Connecticut individuals.

Even before the Susquehanna Company settlers arrived in Wyoming Valley, several missionaries visited the area, including Congregationalist John Sergeant in 1741; Moravian Count Zinzendorf, 1742; Presbyterian David Brainard, 1744; and his brother, John Brainard.

The missionary activity seems to have been interrupted by the French and Indian War. When the war ended in 1763, the Susquehanna Company sent its first settlers to Wyoming Valley, including the Reverend William Marsh, a Baptist.

The Mill Creek colony was decimated by Indians. Twenty settlers, including Reverend William Marsh, were killed, but survivors were able to return home.

Three years after the tragic experience of the first Susquehanna colonization, the second contingent of the Connecticut Susquehanna Company homesteaders arrived in Wyoming Valley on February 8, 1769…

Our Staff

John M. Vaida

Music Minister and Organist

Pamela Kerns

Christian Education Director

Vivien G. Terzaghi

Office Manager

Ernie Malec


Jim Radici

Van Driver

Church Officers

Treasurer: David P. Rudis

Assistant Treasurer: Paul Adams


2016-2018 – Dave Brown, Wayne Daniels, Diana Morgan, Lois Redmond, Dave Ritter.
2017-2019 – Don Brobst, Nancy Carey, Ellen Parmentari, Carole Poggi, Rick Schroeder.
2018-2020 – Parker Bartley, Ainslie DeYoung, Nancy Frey, Donna Sowcik, Trudy Olszewski


2016-2018 – David Correll, Eric Eppler, Debra Gavin, Susan Jolley, Brian McCann.
2017-2019 – Jonathan Kadjeski, Katie Luksa, Maureen Rosiak, David Smith, Jr., Kristine Terry.
2018-2020 – William Frey, Kenneth Humiston, William Jones, John Joseph, Jr. Richard Piccolotti


Lois Redmond, Dave Ritter, Don Brobst, Diana Morgan, David Brown, Dave Rudis.

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First Presbyterian Church of Wilkes-Barre
97 South Franklin Street
Wilkes-Barre, PA 18701

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